On Giving Thanks …

On Thanksgiving afternoon, after too much turkey, potatoes, veggies and pie, it seems a perfect time to write a post about thankfulness.  But rather than thanks for all the blessings I’ve been given, I’d like to reflect on those blessings I’ve received from repeated job searches.

I’m thankful for Michael Shirley and Leigh Branham. They were my first job coaches when I went through outplacement after my second reduction in force.  Together they taught me, really for the first time, how to write a resume, how to use a target list, and probably most importantly, how to network.  My time with these guys plays heavily into I’m Fired?!? and Leigh graciously wrote the Forward.

I’m thankful for all the people I’ve met along the way.  Some have become close friends while others I’d rather not speak to again, but all of them helped to shape who I am.  I’ve learned to ask for help when I needed and graciously accept it when it’s offered.  I’ve learned to be more objective about business decisions and not take personally those that affect me adversely.

I’m thankful for the different bosses that I’ve had. Some have been great coaches, mentors and teachers who have taught me about business and helped me refine my craft.  Some have been complete jerks who in their own way taught me valuable lessons of patience and discretion.

I’m thankful for the twists and turns in my career path (at least most of them).  I’ve experienced more industries and types of businesses than anyone I know.  I think this gives me a great appreciation for diversity and flexibility and limits my ability to say “we’ve always done it this way.”

Most importantly, I’ m thankful for my wife, children and parents.  They have supported me and encouraged me time and again as I’ve gone through the job search process.  They have never blamed me; never been angry with me, and never doubted that I would find another job.  Their constant love and support gave me the encouragement to continue to work the process, even when it seemed like there were no jobs to find.

I encourage you to sit back and reflect on your blessings.  Your career may not be heading in the direction you’d planned, but don’t be surprised if there is good news just around the corner.  Have a very Happy Thanksgiving.

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