New Year’s Resolutions …

Happy New Year!

New Year’s Day is about putting last year behind us and making plans for a new beginning.  While it may be a bit corny, New Year’s Day is about making resolutions.  If you lost your job in 2013 and you want to start a new one ASAP, here are some resolutions you might consider…

In 2014 I resolve to …

  • Make a target list of at least 25 companies that I might like to work for and update it weekly with new information I learn
  • Identify and reach out to at least 10 new contacts every week so I can tell them my story and ask if they know anyone I can network with
  • Have a human resources professional critique my resume and cover letter for content and appearance
  • Write a list of at least 10 accomplishments from my career that I can mix-and-match on my resume based on the job I am applying for
  • Identify job clubs in my neighborhood and attend at least two meetings per month
  • Ask a friend (or professional) with good typing/page-layout skills to help freshen up my resume and cover letter
  • Work as hard at finding a job as I am willing to work at my new job
  • Search the Internet for lists of interview questions, then write out my answers to those questions and practice saying those answers out loud
  • Keep myself healthy so I can interview more effectively and be a better worker once I land that job
  • Stay positive – I will find a job this year that utilizes my skills and helps me to provide for myself and my family

Clearly there is a theme here.  Finding a job is hard work – but it is work that is proven to have rewards.  The economy is improving.  January is traditionally a good hiring month.  Let’s work together and get you back to work.

Best wishes for a fantastic 2014!

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