Chapter 7 – Where to Look

“Okay,” said Bob.  “Now that I’ve got a better resume, I’m working on building my network.  I’ve started a target list, and I’m using the Internet and social media to learn more about the people and organizations I’m interested in.  I have an appointment to learn how to interview for a job, but it still feels like something’s missing.  How do I apply for a job these days?  It’s been fifteen years since I did that.”

“Great question, Bob,” replied Malcom.  “Let’s talk about what has happened with job search technology over the last several years.”  Bob and Malcom were having lunch at a downtown restaurant.  Malcom was a friend of Bob’s, who worked in human resources for a local consulting company.  He had offered to take Bob to lunch and talk about his job search.  Bob had given Malcom an update on what he had learned from the Genesis team but was still trying to connect all the pieces together.

“Back when you last looked for a job,” Malcolm began, “ you probably found most of your leads in the Help Wanted section of the local paper, right?  Those days are just about gone.  The papers still print want ads, but everything is now online. …

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