Chapter 9 – Getting Social

The next week Bob was researching a company online when his chat box pinged.  Bob, this is Joe Blackwell.  Do you have a few minutes?

Bob replied.  Sure.  Do you want to launch a Zoom meeting?


Once they were connected Joe said, “Hey, Bob.  I’m Joe, the Social Media Advisor.  I’m based out of our Chicago office.  So, what’s up?  It seems like maybe you’ve been avoiding me?”

Bob had been avoiding Joe.  “Uh, I know.  I guess I have been—just a little.  I know you want to talk about social media and I’m just not very comfortable with all that stuff.  I’m sorry.

“No worries.  I know this stuff freaks some people out, but it’s really not that hard, and it can be very important for your search.  If you’ve got some time, let’s talk through the options and see if we can get you a little more social, if you know what I mean.”

Bob smiled, “I know what you mean.  This is as good of time as any.  Show me what I need to know.”

“Great,” said Joe.  “Let’s start with some basics.  What I understand from Craig is that you are kind of a social media novice, correct?  You post a little on Facebook and have a LinkedIn profile, that needs some work by the way.  Is that about it?”

“Yep.  You’ve covered it.  Am I really that out of touch?”

“No.  It’s all good.  There are just lots of other ways you can connect.  There are other tools for you to expand your reach and connect with other jobs.  Some will work for you, some won’t, but we’ll talk about them all, and then we’ll see what you should use. …

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