Praise for I’m Fired?!?

“Having unfortunately experienced both sides of the downsizing process several times myself, I have a true appreciation for the dynamics at play as either employee or employer during a downsizing or restructuring.  I think I’m Fired?!? should be handed out to every employee by their company at the time of reduction-in-force notification.  Roger has taken a unique and very human approach to covering all aspects of the emotional and challenging process of being terminated, moving through the stages of recovery and productive search.  Most books on finding a job focus simply on a step-by-step set of actions to take and do not deal with the human element which is so fundamental, completely normal, yet critical in completing a successful job search.”

Cam Bishop, CEO, Ascend Integrated Media, LLC

Publishing Industry Executive


I’m Fired?!? provides practical tips from an HR professional who understands the roadblocks to employment, and the human side of losing a job and paycheck.  This book is a good textbook for the newly-unemployed, and for the HR professionals whose job includes looking across the desk and telling co-workers that their paycheck and job have ended.  I recommend I’m Fired?!? for professionals and for workers struggling to cope with an unwelcome change.”

Joseph Colantuono, Partner, Colantuono Bjerg Guinn, LLC
Labor Attorney


“HR Managers and Business Owners, when you must tell someone the sad news about his/her position being eliminated; you MUST give him/her this book.  It is an honest story about the emotions and challenges someone grapples with when thrust into the new job search process.  Roger’s writing is candid, compelling, crisp, practical and insightful.   He has the perfect mix of storytelling and useful ‘what-to-do’ lists.  This book is at the top of my ‘must read’ list of management and personal development books.”

Ted Davis, Principal, Grace Strategic Services, Inc.

Leadership Consultant and Educator


I’m Fired?!? is a valuable primer about the stages of career transition. This practical, easy-to-read fable is a realistic portrayal of the journey on which those who are between jobs must embark, and the emotional rollercoaster they most certainly will experience.”

Richard E. Beyer, Sr. Vice President, JE Dunn Construction (retired) – Former Kansas State Secretary of Labor


I’m Fired?!? is very much on point, very personal, very instructive, and very valuable.  A must read for anyone in job transition.  Transition is always an opportunity to find better application of your skills and experience…to go for alignment and excitement in work.  Read this and be encouraged!”

J. Allen, Founding Partner, Masters Alliance, International Management Consultant


I’m Fired?!? is an informational resource as well as an emotional trip for those of us who read the text and lived the moment during our career journey.

It is poignant, instructive and at times a difficult and uncomfortable memory of the unemployment journey many of us have faced this past decade. Roger captured the fear, the uncertainty and the recovery of the journey.

This is an important read for those who have lost their careers and are transitioning, those who may need to prepare for job loss in this uncertain economy, and for those who simply want to understand what individuals faced with the need to change are going through.”

Leslie G. Griffen, MCDP, M.A., Career Consultant
Principal, The Griffen Group, LLC


I’m Fired?!? reflects the outplacement experience well.  I worked with Roger 20+ years ago as an outplacement coach and have followed his career since.  Excellent read for anyone anticipating outplacement or is facing uncertainty in the outplacement process. Much of the challenge is mental, psychological and emotional.  Roger explores it all well in this book.”

Michael Shirley, Career & Search Consultant
Michael Shirley & Associates


From the Forward …

“Having spent much of my own career as a job search and career transition consultant with two major outplacement firms, I can attest that readers of I’m Fired?!? will be well advised. I welcome this heartfelt and enlightening contribution to our collective library of job search literature.”

Leigh Branham, Founder/Principal

Keeping the People, Inc.

Author of:

Re-Engage – How America’s Best Places To Work Inspire Extra Effort In Extraordinary Times, with Mark Hischfeld (2010) McGraw Hill

The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave – How To Recognize The Subtle Signs and Act Before It’s Too Late (2005) AMACOM

Keeping The People That Keep You In Business – 24 Ways to Hang On to Your Most Valuable Talent (2001) AMACOM

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