Chapter 14 – Lessons Learned

“So, Bob, how was your first week?  Everything you’d hoped for?”  Gus Stanton was standing in Bob’s office door.  Bob’s desk was covered with papers and he was looking a little harried.

“Everything and more!”  Bob grinned.  “It has been a crazy week, but I think I’m going to love it.  The people have been wonderful, and the work is very interesting.  I’ve never created my own team before.  We’ve talked to some really good applicants this week.  I’m really looking forward to what’s coming down the road—even if I don’t know what it is.”

“That’s super, Bob.  I’m really glad to have you on the team.  Have a super weekend and don’t work too late.”  Gus waved as he walked away.

“Same to you!” Bob shouted behind him.  Then he leaned back and smiled at his clutter.  It felt good to be up to his neck in work again.  He really did think he was going to love this job.  This week he had also been able to transfer his two small accounts to another bookkeeping firm for the same fee structure that Bob had negotiated.  The prior week he had spoken with his primary account and they were fine with using his now part-time bookkeeping business.

This weekend Bob planned to finish his thank-you letters.  He was sending a brief message to each of the people he had networked with to thank them for their help and tell them about his new position. …

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