Anyone who has ever lost a job and survived the emotional ups and downs of seeking a new one will immediately identify with Bob Smith, the ultimate hero of Roger Dusing’s timely and informative book.  Bob’s story is one that millions of Americans have experienced – being blindsided by a downsizing, suffering the loss of a major piece of one’s identity, dealing with financial worries, trying to focus clearly on what to do next, struggling with practical aspects of resume writing, fielding tough interview questions, negotiating salary, and how to make the best use of this thing called “outplacement.”

Roger Dusing knows whereof he speaks – he has survived the loss of six jobs and has recovered – and learned – from every one.  I’m Fired?!? traces the steps of Roger’s composite alter-ego as he struggles and is enlightened along the way.  He quickly realizes that there is a better way to seek reemployment than he (and most people) ever know.  After all, most of us never took a college course on Career Transition or Job-Hunting 101.

Bob discovers that he suffers from common myths and misconceptions about the job market, networking, and how to write a resume. I’m Fired?!? offers the best of two things we like most about good business books – a compelling story we can follow and relate to, and practical insights and tips we can use, including appendices containing, among other valuable notes, a list of interview questions and Bob’s before-and-after resumes.

Having spent much of my own career as a job-search and career-transition consultant with two major outplacement firms, I can attest that readers of I’m Fired?!? will be well advised.  I welcome this heartfelt and enlightening contribution to our collective library of job search literature.

Leigh Branham
Founder/Principal, Keeping the People, Inc.

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