Happy Thanksgiving

This is a strange holiday weekend. A few days ago, we celebrated Thanksgiving Day. A day dedicated to family, friends, and being grateful for what we have. Then the next day is Black Friday where we are expected to shop ‘till we drop, grabbing “bargains” and spending more than we can afford. And Monday will be Cyber-Monday where again we’re encouraged to spend with abandon, but online. Who put those things together?

If you are job hunter, I want you to mentally go back to Thanksgiving Day. I hope that for you that was a nice, energizing day. I know that large family gatherings can be stressful. I also know that for some, the absence of the large family gathering is also stressful, or sad. But let’s take this back to the roots. Thanksgiving is a chance to assess where we are, and to be thankful for whatever it is we have.  It might be meager or bountiful, but regardless, we can still find gratitude.

Find that peace. Relax. Assess.

As a job seeker, the next 30 days will be difficult. Traditionally, the job market slows way down after Thanksgiving. Hiring managers are focused on their holidays, getting things cleaned up for year-end, and using their vacation time so they don’t lose it. In this wacky economy, I still expect all out hiring in retail, warehouse, and food services, but I expect the professional hiring world to slow way down.

Take this time to recharge and get yourself ready. Polish your resume. Practice your interview question responses. Send thank-you notes to your network. And get ready, because I expect the 2022 labor market to start off hot.  If you need some tips on how to make the most of your search, this might help https://im-fired.com/about-the-book/.